“World War 2” is a tactic game. It comprises the main events which took place in Europe between 1939 and 1945 from Poland campaign to German capitulation. The atmosphere of this epoch is reconstructed with high authencity. The game has more than a hundred of technical units developed in small details, carefully designed uniform of soldiers and officers (more than 200 of true historical examples), about 150 types of small arms, tens of missions laid out on the maps based on real documents of the World War 2, troops of seven coutries including Soviet, British, American, French and German sub-units. Each fighter in “World War 2” has his own unique personal characteristics including name, surname, portrait and skills.
Our work in the project :
Vehicle creation ( modeling, texturing, LOD's creation). Almost all models have different camouflage schemes. To see examples press GALLERY category.
To know more about this project go to official site http://games.1c.ru