Codemasters and KDV games are announcing a new RTS game based on KDV's Vista Engine technology - Maelstrom.

Set in 2040, after a cataclysmic event has all-but wiped out humanity, leaving two factions of humanity to try and secure what is left. The Remnants, an ad-hoc band of resistance fighters led by former General James Buchanan are engaged in a Guerrilla campaign against the technocratic

Ascension- who have at their fingertips fantastic technologies such as transforming units, and have used them ruthlessly to further the ideological aims of their leader, Arlan Khan. This fighting among the remains of humaity attracts the attention of Alien forces, who see a weakened planet right for the taking.

Our work in the project :
Characters and robots creation ( model seets, modeling, texturing with diffuse and normal maps, skining). To see examples press GALLERY category. To know more about project go to official site