Warlock-Games is a Game Development and Outsourcing company, successfully working since 2003. We offer quality and cost effective solutions to a wide range of entertainment industries from Television to Game Development. Our talented and highly experienced team provides sustained performance, quality and a high level of creativity in such services as 3D Modeling, Character Rigging & Animation for games with real time 3D graphics, high end character creation for films and television, FX creation, music compositions and many others. We aim to provide a new level of quality and stability for our customers. Our world-class quality and excellent performance were proven by several years of work for some famous projects, examples of which you can see in the Gallery section of our site. Among many of our customers are such giants of game industry as : Nival Interactive “HoMM V” , 1C “World War 2”, KDV Games “Maelstrom” and many others. We can breath life in your projects!